Beat Bowel Cancer - Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon

In the past two years the Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon has raised $80,000 for Bowel Cancer New Zealand. Last year that money funded an awareness campaign and in 2015 it paid for a new website, vital to the charity’s development. The more we hear about the impact of bowel cancer, and how many people could be saved by an early diagnosis, the more we want to help battle it. This year we have 150 charity entries and big plans to make big money. For more information on BCNZ go to

Bowel Cancer New Zealand is committed to reducing the impact of bowel cancer on our community through awareness, education and support.  We recently met a guy who suffered from bowel cancer and eventually lost his battle with the disease.

He was one of the 1200 New Zealanders who dies from bowel cancer every year — more than breast and prostate cancer combined.  As we learnt more about the disease and its terrible toll, we decided we wanted to do something to help.  It’s a terrible cancer and one that isn’t widely discussed, so we aim to raise both money and awareness.  As they say, we shouldn’t sit on our symptoms!

Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon BCNZ entrant:

We’d love you to consider running to raise funds for Bowel Cancer New Zealand. There are only 150 charity entries available so be in early to cement your place raising money for this worthy cause.

The entry fee and minimum sponsorship pledge are:

Entry Fee: $140 – $50 of your entry fee goes directly to Bowel Cancer New Zealand


Colour may differ from that shown in the picture

Minimum Sponsorship Pledge: $150

You will be requested to forward your sponsorship funds to BCNZ no later than two weeks after the race date.

How BCNZ will support you

  • As part of your entry you will receive a Thermatech Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon “Bowel Cancer New Zealand” training singlet with your name on it
  • BCNZ will help you set up and manage an Everyday Hero site to help you raise your Sponsorship Pledge
  • BCNZ will provide regular updates and links from our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter pages promoting the Everyday Hero site
  • On race day there will be a BCNZ tent at the Start/Finish line for you to leave your gear and to help raise funds for your sponsorship pledge.