Yoga For Runners - Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon

Yoga For Runners


screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-9-53-24-amWhen former full time rower Tarsha Williams began yoga, she wasn’t convinced it was for her; but she was hooked within a few short months. 

Completely self taught, Tarsha began learning the art of yoga when injury caused her to take a break from full-on training.

“I had a shoulder injury and started doing online classes because I was limited to what I could do, I started on YouTube, and once I felt like I had mastered the basics I started trying to go onto more complex stuff,” she says.

It didn’t take long before she had the basics well and truly mastered, and these days Tarsha shares her work with more than 4700 followers on Instagram, and at her own yoga classes.

“It started off as a challenge and I wasn’t that into it to begin with because I’m used to sweating during workouts; I thought yoga wouldn’t get me fit,” she says.

However, Tarsha soon noticed the changes in her body with yoga, and the impact it had on her running style, and began treating it as a form of rehab to complement her running.

“It hugely strengthens your core, your glutes, it strengthens all of the major muscles … yoga definitely goes hand in hand with running, you [become] more aware of your body,” she says.

Through yoga, Tarsha has learnt the importance of listening to her body, and sometimes opts to do a yoga session, rather than taking a run when she feels tired either mentally or physically.

“I think yoga is a real mental kind of sport, teaching your mind to be still and about listening to your body,” she says.

Tarsha still loves to run, and will be completing the Saint Clair Vineyard Half for the third time in May. “I love racing, mostly for personal goals and the challenge, it’s a great way to stay motivated if I pick an event to do,” she says.

Marlborough is the perfect backdrop for both her running and her yoga, which is evident in her stunning and inspiring Instagram pictures.

We’re spoilt with great walks beautiful beaches and places to walk, run, etc … I definitely prefer outdoor training; you forget that it’s training when you get distracted by nature,” she says.

Over the coming weeks, Tarsha will be sharing some of her favourite yoga poses for runners with us. Watch this space…