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Something About Marlborough


If you don’t want to read a polemic on how amazing Marlborough is then you should skip this blog … really … skip it… we go on and on about how amazing we are. Like on and on…

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s get down to it.

You’ve probably all seen the stories on the telly where a news (ish) program compares the relative value of living in the provinces with living in Auckland … you know the one; it compares soaring house prices and commuting with horses in a paddock and fresh air.

It even compares the RCFW (that’s Relative Cost of a Flat White) … Unsurprisingly to us, Marlborough came out of that survey pretty darn well…

It’s a funny old province is Marlborough. For a lonnngg time it had the oldest population in NZ and was mainly a rural service town. But we all know that times change and we’ve seen some amazing changes here in the sunniest province of God’s Own Country.

With the advent of grapes we’ve welcomed a diverse international community to our part of the world. It’s a relatively common story that the people who flew over us wondering what went on in that little bit of land at the top of the south, are now buying their ¼ to 10 acre dream and getting amongst some of the finest living there is in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

And to be serious, why wouldn’t you? The place is going chicken oriental … We’ve got the Marlborough Sounds, and wine (lots of wine), Rarangi beach, hunting, fishing, the Clarence River, the Pelorus River (if it’s good enough for Peter Jackson and his hobbits … it’s good enough for us..) the internationally renowned Omaka Air Museum and the world’s best wine…(did we mention the wine?).

Recently, Auckland roads were described as “worst across most measures” in a traffic report by Austroad … it compares traffic levels in cities throughout New Zealand, Australia AND North America … And Auckland was the worst.

You know what we say? Bugger that! In Marlborough, you’d be unlucky to be in the car longer than 10 minutes when you drive to work … 45 max if you choose the rural life and live out of town (great views on the commute by the way…).

Then take the house prices … we’ve had a bit of a look online and it seems what they’re saying is true – you can get a LOT more bang for your buck here in Marlborough than you could in somewhere like Auckland (Listings all sourced from Harcourts):

$300,000 could get you a one bedroom apartment with a carpark in Manukau City, or a freestanding two – three bedroom home with room for the kids and car parking galore:

$500,000 could get you a run down “doer-upper” in Auckland, or an established four-bedroom family home in Marlborough, just minutes from town:

$700,000 could get you this tidy two-bedroom Auckland home, or you could spread out in this four bedroom home, with the perfect setting to entertain in the Marlborough sun:

You could push the boat out and spend $1m for 5 bedrooms in Auckland – or upsize to 7 and have a crack at rural living just out of Blenheim, complete with a heated pool….

Our friends at Harcourts Marlborough know a thing or two about property and one of their sales and marketing consultants, Angela Bowers, says they have something for everyone.

Their listings range from the mid to late $200,000 mark, right through into the millions.

“There’s a diversity of types of properties you can have, you can have cheaper houses, the cost of living isn’t so horrendous as it is in the city, but you have also got your lifestyle properties as well; you can be rural literally 10 minutes from town,” she says.

And back to that commute – how good is this?!

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